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General posts

I hope we'll love

By wudi711 - December 3rd, 2013, 5:29, Category: General

I hope we'll love. Or stubborn,lanmi stubborn or just to have a beginning and an end, a cycle, cycle later, everything.
Always forget.
In the clouds, carrying an umbrella.
When the rain, the habit of looking up, the head of the raindrop, patting each slot face, suddenly shrink pores. Or is the guard, or is afraid of the cold, then a tiny pores fully closed,employees or less it seems, heard their groaning, painful, sad.. Just, I eventually is incapable of action.
Because I had no umbrella ~ ~
No is No.
Happiness and unhappiness
I said, I am very happy. I will buy a lot of snacks, silently pondering. I'll be wearing headphones through every street in gaoyang. I unconsciously take a mobile phone in a daze, again and again. I will say a few numbers,leekbabe no matter what time. I will look at the stars, standing in the middle of the road do not know.
Bubble said, you are not happy.
I said, you are not happy.
Pan said, you are not happy.
Fish from drowning
It is always with a tangle of emotions, put yourself into a corner, want to have a good swim but forget how to start.
Like a fish,building a larger  was inundated with water, give up, give up the fight, only because it is water.
The fish said, because you are the water, you John I died, how was I to make you sad.
The water said that, you just fish, just fish.
Disaster, tangible, intangible.
Perhaps, you are my. Can not escape, shed. Pain nerve pain, mood, irritability, anger, mulberry528fear, anxiety, yield, finally, tired, tired, scattered.
After that, stubborn, powder also should have an attitude, even if the two words, even if a word, had at least, at least you have, at least once loved.
In fact, all and why.

Love not the world

By wudi711 - April 10th, 2012, 5:27, Category: General

The red sun high in the sky above, the sinister sun, earth has been baked into a fiery furnace. Look at the million in the sky, the clouds are vanished, even some cool breeze has also become a luxury varieties. Hard lifted the heavy head, to open his tired eyes, looked out,PC Remotesis full of sand Zoushi world, to find a shade that summer hopes were dashed when. At the foot of the sand boiling hot, foot appears to have been baked meat carbon. Licking lips are dry, mercilessly swallowed, and the last of the stored grain, I do not know whether it out of the Jedi desert. He seems to have a heavy lifting the thigh, then gathered pace, teeter forward to go, like a child of three years old walk also have such as.
" Live, only to get out of here, hope to live."
No trees, no clouds, finally had to reluctantly own exposure to hot sunshine. Still difficult move his legs, slowly walk. Just above the top of the head to sunshine not so fast I sweat evaporation, leaving no effort, vowing to continue life. I don't want no human habitation in this place was the hot sun baked into cakes, by sand ruthless corrosion, even the last one with strong bones too sudden wind to fly into the sky, I want to live.
A few days ago, I depend only on the local bubble burst. Raging waters like a unparalleled prehistoric beast, with extraordinary momentum, with sweeping gesture rabid. Lost highway tiger -- -- dense and vast jungle. It is more reckless, the place visited,Offshore company no end. Flood carrying this is it by the fallen ruins and many people go forward with great strength and vigour away. The flood waters recede, the sand is connected to you and come, between instantly, the last home from being submerged in the dust of destiny,
Many a person like me, with tears on the back corner, temporary rush to luggage, rapid escape this place. People teach orally, as long as through a desert, will be to a new world, people say: there is no dispute, not be busy at putting up installations huge project, not everywhere the ' white pollution ' ... .... People say: where flowers and fragrance, Ou Xiangyu swam, flowers and emancipation ... ... A human paradise.
Then, the innumerable people hit the road together, to today, still alive or hundreds of people, not withstanding the high temperature, is not to be able to resist the cold of the night, others were ambushed a sand buried ... ...
Gradually, his legs went numb, stars, head more heavy.
Only grain stocks are also a sudden blast of wind blew, blown sand is put to be in addition to my head outside the fully buried. I think, my journey is over.
Slowly close my eyes, eyes flashed a picture after another picture: green grass, blue sky, stretch as far as eye can see prairie, cattle and sheep horse rabbit, have everything that one expects to find. And touch the sky a towering giant tree, also it is across from the green mountains between heaven and earth, more a group of peaceful people send now singing, now dancing ... ...
" Heaven?"
I think it will do me in the world one last word, life has come to an end, the legend of the beautiful paradise but missed again. A drop of hot tears from the corner of his eye, died and went to heaven? Human, human, our home had not is a beautiful paradise?
I want to know, what is considered a paradise?
And a wind blowing, violent in my face slapping, one point one will be my head ... ...
Between heaven and earth again restored the original picture, ' Gobi red desert desolate sands, thousands of miles ', only more depression. A voice filled with sadness and endless hope sigh from dust not audible outgoing, then restored the dead silence,Virtual Office only occasionally shaved winds bring "whir ... ..." The sound of.

screen partition between

By wudi711 - March 15th, 2012, 3:34, Category: General

Chinese style and Chinese style screen partition between

One, Chinese partition
Compared with the Chinese screen to the more simple, it does not necessarily need to be carved, using the materials are also not necessarily is made of wood, can be made of glass,operable wall can also be embroidery. The main performance of the subject matter more for the Chinese ancient works, need not be so extravagant, in having an antique flavour in transmission a reiki. Chinese partition in the hall to import, or the soft block restroom, or clever partitioned the room.

Chinese partition in a variety of forms, can be screen form, can also be a cabinet form, even with a porch form, the most commonly used in graphic design for Chinese lattice, such as" palindrome lattice", added the element.

Two, Chinese screens

In general, can be divided into vertical screen, panel and panel three kinds, in which the vertical screen contains a folding screen, big screen two, this screen is usually used for Feng Shui arrangement and decoration, carving more content to large humanities, myth and historical stories, carving techniques generally use relief, openwork, carving depth deep, rough lines,operable partition chiseled.

 Standing in the corresponding places to a certain deterrent effect, which believe that the Feng Shui friends should understand. Vertical screen also known as landing screen, which is very suitable for export-oriented places, such as conference rooms, hotel lobby, entrance and company.

While the panel is generally applicable and placed in the inner sanctum, or with the special places, to give you a fresh and elegant, extraordinary refined feeling, in addition to Chinese decoration flower is usually not using openwork techniques, mostly to the depth of relief. Engraving is the subject of much, a classic story, flowers, animal and copying some celebrity calligraphy and painting. Panel fits very well with some going to self-cultivation of the literati and the elegant environment of the places.

A screen is used as a small craft to wide for application, units of gifts, business gifts and other enterprises, Taiwan screen engraving theme from what constraints,company formation its purpose is merely to beautiful, meaningful.

Ice city of furniture

By wudi711 - March 7th, 2012, 23:03, Category: General

Refurbished or buy new furniture generally to taste, it has become the common sense, but, if the rush to check-in or need new furniture how to do? On the 6 day, the reporter visited Harbin city furniture stores, many city people in the purchase of furniture look at samples.BLN Design In addition to add flavor, many samples of furniture prices than products cheap, can also immediately to take delivery of the goods, this is the main reason of the sample.
Day 6 morning, reporters in the city street on a furniture city to see, many businesses have posted" sample special" label. Wherein, a wood table and four chairs of sample for the price of 3000 yuan, and sales staff told reporters, this set of tables and chairs the original discount is close to 5000 yuan. Sales staff said, samples of furniture general price cheap into two or three, and in the place where the display time, direct to home also has no taste, so many customers have specially for sample.
In a sale of bed shops, the reporter found the store has a clear open area, ask under just know, that there is a bed was just a couple of" forced" bought! According to the sales staff, buy bed lady is a three months pregnant" mothers", in order to bring home to minimize pollution, two candidates for the new furniture for the store sample. " We started that the sample does not sell, but the couple to buy, that is for mothers and children, buy disperses taste more environmentally friendly, and even can be expressed in the price of new products on the basis of some more money. Do not stand up to the couple's persistence, finally after manager approved, send the samples to their bed."
During the interview, many sales staff told reporters,Android TV Remote aprereciciar apreopiear  businesses are not willing to sell samples," because the furniture production and transport has a period of time, if a sell good samples of furniture is bought, the same is not promptly shipped to stores, no display, may affect the sales."

feeling called invisible

By wudi711 - February 23rd, 2012, 22:25, Category: General

There is a kind of feeling called invisible to the visible
There is a beautiful eyes, put it in someone's head, no matter you online or invisible, he can see you. It is a long-term to light his eyes,poly bag supplier is to give some special Avatar the most warm decoration.
You said you most online is waiting for me, although only a simple sentence, but quickly erase my uneasiness and anxiety, so I changed it to state your invisible visible. Although I don't like to be disturbed, but the people there did not include you, because my heart deeply understand in this network, just to meet you here, and you have to.

There is a waiting call stealth on visible, accustomed to a person quietly stealth on QQ silently waiting, hoping that he can be the first time to see you.
There is a kind of feeling called invisible to visible, it is mouth with a sugar melts in the heart sweet, this feeling only want to be with you to taste.
There is a kind of feeling called invisible to visible, it is mouth with a sugar melts in the heart sweet, this feeling only want to be with you to taste.
There is a kind of feeling called invisible to the visible, heard this function in QQ only on the ten set, so, you put the ten person to whom? Or is left only?
And the moon is on the rise, change time and the alternation of day and night.make plastic bagCity of the sky is no longer visible stars, but a few stars partly hidden and partly visible light. I said, I see a few stars, that night I only saw that a few, but the few stars, is it right? In so many of the crowd to see me? If a star on behalf of a person's eyes, heart will be able to see each other? So close your eyes, pray silently, miss you so much, do you hear?
Although my QQ cannot long online, but as long as I have the landing you can see, no matter my status online or invisible. Although not often think of you,Offshore company but sometimes when I think of you I will be very hard.

Family tragedy

By wudi711 - December 8th, 2011, 21:46, Category: General

The United States of Dezhou 12 year old girl ( Ramie Grimmer ) on the evening of 5" Facebook ) wrote" today may be dead " word phrase. Several hours later, she and the 10 year old younger brother were shot in the head with her mother, the hospital after being cured.
Dezhou police said," 5 days of evening in her face book ( May die 2day ) left the dynamic update, when she was the biological mother ( Rachelle Grimmer ) held in Raleigh number ( Laredo ) of social welfare office.
Was also captured and Lamy's brother ( Timothy Grimmer ) and 1 social workers.
The police investigation points out, at the age of 38, Gary Merle with children to social welfare institutions, complaining of a few months to apply for low income households food stamps have frequently refused, feeling quite angry. Gary Merle was brought to the conference room and social worker, conversation, suddenly pulls his gun.
Gary Merle and police standoff for about 7 hours, finally she gave daughter, son head shot respectively, and then shot himself. He was rushed to the hospital ( San Antonio ), announces 7 days. Timothy is so far still not out of danger

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