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December 2013

I hope we'll love

By wudi711 - December 3rd, 2013, 5:29, Category: General

I hope we'll love. Or stubborn,lanmi stubborn or just to have a beginning and an end, a cycle, cycle later, everything.
Always forget.
In the clouds, carrying an umbrella.
When the rain, the habit of looking up, the head of the raindrop, patting each slot face, suddenly shrink pores. Or is the guard, or is afraid of the cold, then a tiny pores fully closed,employees or less it seems, heard their groaning, painful, sad.. Just, I eventually is incapable of action.
Because I had no umbrella ~ ~
No is No.
Happiness and unhappiness
I said, I am very happy. I will buy a lot of snacks, silently pondering. I'll be wearing headphones through every street in gaoyang. I unconsciously take a mobile phone in a daze, again and again. I will say a few numbers,leekbabe no matter what time. I will look at the stars, standing in the middle of the road do not know.
Bubble said, you are not happy.
I said, you are not happy.
Pan said, you are not happy.
Fish from drowning
It is always with a tangle of emotions, put yourself into a corner, want to have a good swim but forget how to start.
Like a fish,building a larger  was inundated with water, give up, give up the fight, only because it is water.
The fish said, because you are the water, you John I died, how was I to make you sad.
The water said that, you just fish, just fish.
Disaster, tangible, intangible.
Perhaps, you are my. Can not escape, shed. Pain nerve pain, mood, irritability, anger, mulberry528fear, anxiety, yield, finally, tired, tired, scattered.
After that, stubborn, powder also should have an attitude, even if the two words, even if a word, had at least, at least you have, at least once loved.
In fact, all and why.

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