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LED lighting retail

By wudi711 - October 10th, 2012, 1:27, Category: Lamp

" China is phasing out the incandescent lamp road map " is about to start, the LED lighting commercial market will enter the real battle, MR 16 LED many companies are planning how to intervene quickly and win this war.

As LED lighting industry the bright younger generation, Guangdong Mitsuo Aurora lighting Limited by Share Ltd aimed at the retail industry, the Su Ning, Wanda and other retail giants win for their customers, trying to expand the LED lighting commercial market.

Mitsuo Aurora lighting general manager Zhang Yutao said, last year Mitsuo Aurora lighting LED lighting sales accounted for 8% of the total sales revenue, wherein, retail building LED lighting sales revenue accounted for more than half of. " This year is expected to LED lighting sales revenue will total sales in the 15%. " Zhang Yutao said, LED Spotlight supplier dab8d28ck the retail enterprises will be the third Aurora lighting LED lighting in the main object.

Zhang Yutao said, compared to previous years, LED lighting costs had been reduced a lot. The previous LED lamp price may be the common lamp 7-8 times, now only 3-4 times, retail business is acceptable.

However, the commercial market and is not in the civil market. Mitsuo Aurora lighting will only be the commercial market as the stage goal. "In the future, we will focus on the promotion of family into the civilian market, but it will take some time. " Zhang Yutao says optimistically. Of course, LED Bulb Price not only is the third Aurora, China LED lighting enterprises should seize this opportunity, and strive to achieve their own development.

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