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September 2012

Hurt your stomach

By wudi711 - September 11th, 2012, 23:12, Category: healthy

Under normal circumstances,Hong Kong Company  the adult daily amount of drinking water in the 1000 - 1500 ml. Among them, including both we drink directly into the water, also includes an intake of foods containing water. Needs to be pointed out is, drink plenty of water volume should they change from time to time, such as height and healthy people, drink water more, slightly higher temperature; when, people sweat more, should also drink plenty of water.

Moreover, some diseases, such as chronic inflammation, have a fever, constipation, diabetes, and should be appropriate to increase the amount of water. Bluntly, reishi is to drink water should "feel accordingly, used to walk ", as long as there is no such as thirst, yellow urine, constipation and other problems, don't have to water suddenly.

Of course, people with xerostomia insensitivity is an objective fact, so they must be up early after drinking a cup of warm water,what is mutual fund  to dilute the blood, clean intestines and stomach, help metabolite excretion function.

Not only such, this approach will be in every morning to remind the old man, don't forget to drink. In fact, in addition to warm water, drink Soybean Milk in the morning, low-fat or skim milk, red oat have replenishment effect. During the day, about dab6d23ck in principle to drink green tea is good, if it is physically weak or gastrointestinal bad old man, recommend drinking tea or fermented tea, its temperature, is conducive to the stomach, digestion, and hypolipidemic effect.

In the evening, drinking habit depends on yourself, don't need to pay, also need not fear the night and deliberately do not drink water. Need to remind that, do not eat or eat and drink plenty of water, drink soup, because whether to drink before meals, after a meal or drink too much water, it will dilute the gastric acid, let old the secretion of gastric acid reduction in the stomach, causing indigestion " one disaster after another .".

In addition, because the water is absorbed, can make blood thinning, blood volume increases, will increase the burden on the heart, and the heart failure patients to control the amount of water; kidney shoulder the task, such as drinking too much, online ups power manufacturer will also increase its burden, therefore, have renal failure kidney disease patient is not excessive drinking, particularly a disposable drink plenty of water, preferably under the guidance of a doctor,Problems and benefit of Offshore Company make sure you drink water.

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