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April 2012

Love not the world

By wudi711 - April 10th, 2012, 5:27, Category: General

The red sun high in the sky above, the sinister sun, earth has been baked into a fiery furnace. Look at the million in the sky, the clouds are vanished, even some cool breeze has also become a luxury varieties. Hard lifted the heavy head, to open his tired eyes, looked out,PC Remotesis full of sand Zoushi world, to find a shade that summer hopes were dashed when. At the foot of the sand boiling hot, foot appears to have been baked meat carbon. Licking lips are dry, mercilessly swallowed, and the last of the stored grain, I do not know whether it out of the Jedi desert. He seems to have a heavy lifting the thigh, then gathered pace, teeter forward to go, like a child of three years old walk also have such as.
" Live, only to get out of here, hope to live."
No trees, no clouds, finally had to reluctantly own exposure to hot sunshine. Still difficult move his legs, slowly walk. Just above the top of the head to sunshine not so fast I sweat evaporation, leaving no effort, vowing to continue life. I don't want no human habitation in this place was the hot sun baked into cakes, by sand ruthless corrosion, even the last one with strong bones too sudden wind to fly into the sky, I want to live.
A few days ago, I depend only on the local bubble burst. Raging waters like a unparalleled prehistoric beast, with extraordinary momentum, with sweeping gesture rabid. Lost highway tiger -- -- dense and vast jungle. It is more reckless, the place visited,Offshore company no end. Flood carrying this is it by the fallen ruins and many people go forward with great strength and vigour away. The flood waters recede, the sand is connected to you and come, between instantly, the last home from being submerged in the dust of destiny,
Many a person like me, with tears on the back corner, temporary rush to luggage, rapid escape this place. People teach orally, as long as through a desert, will be to a new world, people say: there is no dispute, not be busy at putting up installations huge project, not everywhere the ' white pollution ' ... .... People say: where flowers and fragrance, Ou Xiangyu swam, flowers and emancipation ... ... A human paradise.
Then, the innumerable people hit the road together, to today, still alive or hundreds of people, not withstanding the high temperature, is not to be able to resist the cold of the night, others were ambushed a sand buried ... ...
Gradually, his legs went numb, stars, head more heavy.
Only grain stocks are also a sudden blast of wind blew, blown sand is put to be in addition to my head outside the fully buried. I think, my journey is over.
Slowly close my eyes, eyes flashed a picture after another picture: green grass, blue sky, stretch as far as eye can see prairie, cattle and sheep horse rabbit, have everything that one expects to find. And touch the sky a towering giant tree, also it is across from the green mountains between heaven and earth, more a group of peaceful people send now singing, now dancing ... ...
" Heaven?"
I think it will do me in the world one last word, life has come to an end, the legend of the beautiful paradise but missed again. A drop of hot tears from the corner of his eye, died and went to heaven? Human, human, our home had not is a beautiful paradise?
I want to know, what is considered a paradise?
And a wind blowing, violent in my face slapping, one point one will be my head ... ...
Between heaven and earth again restored the original picture, ' Gobi red desert desolate sands, thousands of miles ', only more depression. A voice filled with sadness and endless hope sigh from dust not audible outgoing, then restored the dead silence,Virtual Office only occasionally shaved winds bring "whir ... ..." The sound of.

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