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Ice city of furniture

By wudi711 - March 7th, 2012, 23:03, Category: General

Refurbished or buy new furniture generally to taste, it has become the common sense, but, if the rush to check-in or need new furniture how to do? On the 6 day, the reporter visited Harbin city furniture stores, many city people in the purchase of furniture look at samples.BLN Design In addition to add flavor, many samples of furniture prices than products cheap, can also immediately to take delivery of the goods, this is the main reason of the sample.
Day 6 morning, reporters in the city street on a furniture city to see, many businesses have posted" sample special" label. Wherein, a wood table and four chairs of sample for the price of 3000 yuan, and sales staff told reporters, this set of tables and chairs the original discount is close to 5000 yuan. Sales staff said, samples of furniture general price cheap into two or three, and in the place where the display time, direct to home also has no taste, so many customers have specially for sample.
In a sale of bed shops, the reporter found the store has a clear open area, ask under just know, that there is a bed was just a couple of" forced" bought! According to the sales staff, buy bed lady is a three months pregnant" mothers", in order to bring home to minimize pollution, two candidates for the new furniture for the store sample. " We started that the sample does not sell, but the couple to buy, that is for mothers and children, buy disperses taste more environmentally friendly, and even can be expressed in the price of new products on the basis of some more money. Do not stand up to the couple's persistence, finally after manager approved, send the samples to their bed."
During the interview, many sales staff told reporters,Android TV Remote aprereciciar apreopiear  businesses are not willing to sell samples," because the furniture production and transport has a period of time, if a sell good samples of furniture is bought, the same is not promptly shipped to stores, no display, may affect the sales."

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