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November 2012

HID lamps

By wudi711 - November 9th, 2012, 22:21, Category: Lamp

HID lights are usually applied in a large area and need a high quality of light, or special requirements for energy efficiency, light density. These places include a gymnasium, a large area of ​​public areas, warehouses, dvdcinema, outdoor activity area, roads, parking lots or roadways.HID lamps such as metal halide lamps, often used in retail stores and residential environment. HID lights to achieve the indoor cultivation, especially some plants need high quality bright light, such as vegetables and flowers. babyThey can also be used for indoor aquarium, reconstruction approximates the glare of the tropical regions.Some HID lamps such as mercury vapor lamps will issue a large amount of ultraviolet light, diffuser plate (diffusers) to block ultraviolet radiation. Frequent occurrence in recent years, a few cases, because of flaws diffuser, tagresulting in the people severe sunburn and arc eye. Now are the bulb specifications to monitor quality, otherwise the bulb will burn as soon as the outer lamp rupture.HID lamps are often used in the headlights of cars and motorcycles. The application in the steam locomotive industry, there are still various views, mainly in HID lights can sometimes lead people to glare. Industry commonly used to automatically turn the headlights (Automatic Self-leveling System) to reduce this problem, but kind of with most of the vehicles are expensive optional specifications. baby clothesHowever, many companies prefer to use this type of light, because they send a clear, brighter, more natural light than normal headlights.HID lamps are also used in high-end bicycle headlights, and general halogen, under the same wattage HID lamps can emit a brighter light. Halogen light sometimes tend to yellow; HID bike lights looks a little like a blue-violet.HID lamps are also commonly used in many aircraft, landing and taxiing lights application.

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